Elizabeth Nuti

artist, yoga instructor,

intuitive, creator of Wish Deck, founder of Skybird Yoga and 

an ongoing student of life 

Elizabeth is dedicated to the restoration of balance and harmony between humanity and our Earth and is passionate about helping guide people through the process of awakening and empowerment. 

The age old question of philosophy is “Who am I?” In the traditions of yoga, we are taught that we live in two worlds, the outer world and the inner world. To truly answer the question “who am I?” requires an exploration of the inner world.


The inward journey is a process of going beyond the surface and peeling off layer by layer to see what lies at the center.


All 3 of her art forms: art, Skybird Yoga and Wish Deck explore these age old questions and are designed to help us develop a deeper connection to how we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us. They are meant to act like conduits guiding us to our inner wisdom, inner voice, truth, spirit and to live out of that connection.

All 3 of her media explore new ways to see, listen, respond, act and interact with ourselves and the world around us. 


Elizabeth’s extensive background in the metaphysical, yoga and healing arts has given her a solid foundation for supporting people in their own internally focused practice of personal growth, freedom, and discovery of the bodies innate intelligence to heal from within.


She shares her practices and teachings through the vehicles of yoga, breathwork, sound, and holding space, with an emphasis of how to carry a transformative experience off the yoga mat and into daily life


Elizabeth has been teaching yoga since 2010 and has gone on to create Skybird Yoga, a dedicated space for conscious living.


Elizabeth holds retreats in the Harbor Country area and in Costa Rica.


She can be found spending time with good friends and hiking in the dunes. 


Elizabeth is grateful to be a part of the Harbor Country community.












The E. Nuti Skybird Yoga studio is located in beautiful Sawyer, Michigan.

Just 90 minutes from Chicago!

(Harbor Country, Southwest Michigan)

~ Weekly Group Yoga Classes

~ Private Yoga

~ Private Group Yoga 

~ Breath & Sound Bath Sessions

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